Website 2.0

I will be the first to admit that any form of graphic design is well out of my comfort zone. In retrospect, this was already blatantly obvious in my childhood; drawing, painting.. everything involving the visual arts was always a challenge, and I rarely got more than a C as a grade. It’s probably a good thing I never pursued a career in this particular area.

So imagine the mental hurdle I had to scale to set up a personal website! Two things that are out of my comfort zone: some form of graphic representation, and putting myself out there in the digital world. Pretty scary for a guy who prefers to stay behind the curtains and couldn’t draw a goldfish to save his life. Nevertheless, here we are!

So now it’s time to do something even more scary for me, and that is to invite you to give me your feedback. What do you think of it? Is there something missing? Is there something you particularly like? Do you think the site would benefit from an enormous splashscreen depicting a happy dolphin on crystal meth?

Let me know! And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be rocking myself to sleep in a dark corner of the room, back into my comfort zone. 🙂

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